Frequently Asked Questions About Small Business Funding

Mantis Funding is a leading provider of business funding in the United States. We focuson providing working capital to businesses as quickly as possible because we understand that timing is a key factor in the success of most business opportunities.

To contact Mantis Funding, you can call us at 1-877-494-1499 or email us at

To apply for business funding, you can call us to speak with a representative. They will provide you with a short application and request documentation of revenue such as business bank statements.

Your business can receive funding in as little as one to three days after you submit an application.

To satisfy the basic requirements for business funding, you must complete the application, document that your business is generating revenue, and provide proof of identification for the business and the business owner. Please keep in mind that some businesses may be asked to provide additional information prior to funding.

Rest assured that Mantis approves businesses in nearly all industries.

You do not need a business plan to be approved, but your business must be currently operating and generating sales.

We understand that it can be very difficult and time consuming to get approved for bank financing, so if you have been turned down by a bank that will not affect your application with Mantis Funding.

Your personal credit is typically not a deciding factor in the approval. Your business history is usually more relevant in the underwriting process.

There is no fee to apply for your business advance. Once your business is approved, you will receive a funding agreement, which will detail the applicable fees for your advance. If you have any questions about fees, the underwriter assigned to your account will be available to you to answer any questions.